Don’t know how to tell your boss about your pregnancy? Try these 5 ways

There are awkward conversations and then there is this conversation about breaking the news of your pregnancy to your boss! We give you some ways to make it a bit less awkward.

1. Break it to your boss first!

You may be bff with Neha from marketing but it doesn’t mean that you spill the beans to her before taking your boss into confidence. You may understandably be tensed about how your boss and colleagues might treat you. That is why you break the news in person – to gauge their reaction. It goes a long way in telling you about their perception of working moms, how your maternity leave will pan out, whether they will be flexible with work-schedule and any other stuff you might be interested in.
You might also want to control your social media posts. Filter what you want people to know and who you might want to leave out.

2. Timing is the key.

The end of first trimester and the starting of second trimester is the most suitable time to make it public at work. That’s when the chances of miscarriage are low and that is also the time when you actually start to ‘show’.

You might be worried about that crucial performance report and how your employer might adversely rate you. In that case, you may want to hold off. Avoid giving away any tell tale signs – enquiring about your company’s maternity perks comes to mind.

3. Be aware of rights and benefits

Did you know that under the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2016, maternity leave has been raised from 12 weeks to 26 weeks? Although according to the same act, your employer is required to inform you about this at the time of joining – in writing and email as well, it doesn’t hurt to know such stuff in advance.

To feel confident during the conversation, make sure you know what you are talking about.

4. Be to the point.

Try and stick to the news. No more, no less. Avoid the conversation about logistics like date of leaving, date of joining etc. It gives you more wiggle room and flexibility.

Also decide how much details you want to share and with whom. Work is a professional environment and there should be that formality to the conversation.

After the deed is done and dusted, make sure you send a follow-up email thanking your employer for support during the maternity leave. Documentation never hurts anyone.

5. Calm those nerves

General perception about working moms is that they are not serious about their career, are not devoted to motherhood and can’t effectively juggle both. These biases rear their ugly heads in subtle ways in workplace. Be confident enough to prove them all wrong and be proud of yourself.

If you are nervous, don’t let it show. Most of this office talk is out of your control, so don’t worry about it too much. Inspire confidence in the way you carry yourself and keep your head high.

Turn this experience into an asset. How your new skills as a working mother (resource allocation, time-management) can make you stand above the rest. Talk to people who have been through this and take a leaf out of their books.

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