Follow these GOLDEN TIPS to balance your work life easily with Pregnancy

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“Dear Diary! Guess what? I was awarded as ‘The Employee of the Year’ today. I am delighted to the core of my heart. I totally am. You know what a crazy ride that has been. The 8 am meetings, skipping on my lunch plus my boss always pushing to get more out of me and what not…but there has always been and will always be one man who has supported me in my every decision. And today, after 3 years of our successful marriage, we had our first fight!
That positive sign on a mere piece of plastic freaked the shit out of me”.
– That was Amisha. She is one of you. Amisha was in a lot of distress when she underwent her first ultrasound but little did she know of the miracle life had in store for her after all pregnancy is not just about carrying an embryo in your uterus but about those tiny little toes and the tiny little fingers and the happiness of seeing the love of your life come alive.
She is one of the many women who decided to continue with their work during pregnancy. And we firmly support her decision. Pregnancy surely has its fair share of ups and downs and these might seem more if you are working. But you’re certainly protected by the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017. The period of paid maternity leave that a woman employee is entitled to have certainly been increased to 26 weeks with an option to work from home always open if the nature of work allows. But we are not here to talk about the legal benefits a woman is entitled to during her term but to help every woman who undergo the mental trauma of work-life balance.
We have compiled here a list of Do’s and Dont’s that might help you in making your pregnancy at work a better experience (Do also check out our other article we published some days back).
The Do’s:
1. Make sure your boss is the first to know about your pregnancy. It is always a good idea to announce the news only after the completion of the first trimester as the risk of miscarriage is reduced. Keep up the work spirit on and assure your boss that your productivity isn’t going to be affected. Always speak up if you think that you are being exposed to any employment risk because of your pregnancy.
2. Ask your co-workers for help. They certainly understand your situation and will be more than delighted to help. Talk to someone who has been in your situation. They might even help you with some tips and tricks.
2. Always keep yourself safe. Your work environment should be safe for you and your baby. Stay out of smoke-filled rooms or construction sites. Chemicals and fumes can be harmful for your baby.
3. Always pack atleast 3-4 small and healthy snacks to eat throughout the day. These will help you to ease the morning sickness as well as the hunger pranks that you may experience every now and then. Also, stay clear of anything that might trigger nausea.
4. Drinking plenty of water is the key to everything. It will keep you hydrated all day long and will also serve the purpose of a quick and short break.
5. Fitness should be the first thing on your mind. Walk atleast 15 minutes after every hour. Walking will reduce the discomfort you might feel because of those aches and pains. So remember to choose the shoes that are the most comfortable. You might wanna ditch those heels for a while as moving around increases the blood circulation. Always sit with your legs elevated.
6. Schedule your appointments well in advance either around the weekends or perhaps during your lunch breaks. This way you won’t have to worry about your work getting affected.
7. Plan your maternity leave wisely. Talk to your HR and the discuss the company’s policies in detail. Also, try and understand your hubby’s take on paternity leave.
8. Always dress comfortably. Airy and loose fitting clothes made with breathable fabric will serve you the best.


The Don’ts:
1. Don’t hang out near construction sites or places where any sort of repair and maintenance work is on. Even the chemicals and fumes from paints and cleaning agents can be harmful for your baby.
2. Never lift a heavy object. Bending at the waist or lifting heavy objects can be harmful for your baby as this puts pressure on your uterus.
3. Don’t sit for long intervals of time. This will only increase the swelling and the risk of blood clots in your legs.
4. Don’t over-stress yourself. Be calm and try to bring about a balance in your personal and professional life. Try yoga if you feel really stressful.
Remember you should certainly be ready for pregnancy-related morning sickness and the associated mood swings. You might have to change a few normal activities at work to suit your needs and to make you stay healthy and productive. Every stage of pregnancy will have a completely different effect on you. You might feel tired during the first trimester or probably more energetic and focused during the second. As the pregnancy progresses, things might seem different altogether. 

Have a Happy Pregnancy!

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