Antenatal Tests and Scans during Pregnancy

Antenatal tests and scans

While in pregnancy, it is very important that you regularly visit your healthcare centre and keep a check on the development of your baby. Your obstetrician or gynaecologist might suggest you some prenatal tests or scans which helps on the same and helps to determine complications, if any. It is good if you have a prior information about these tests and scans.

Here are few commonly suggested prenatal test and scans which you should know about:
  • Ultrasound

Ultrasound test is a painless and effective method to observe the baby’s growth. It uses a high frequency sound wave to form an image of the baby in a screen. This allows the doctor to check position of the placenta and the baby which is important for delivery, to check for multiple pregnancies, examine the placenta, uterus, ovaries etc.

  • Blood tests

Blood tests can be done to check for

Anemia: As your body needs more iron than usual to meet the iron requirements of the baby and ensure sufficient blood supply.
Blood group and type: Specifically if the baby has Rh positive or negative blood and if it matches with the mother or not.

To check for infections like hepatitis, syphilis, HIV etc.

Gestational diabetes: diabetes that specifically occurs during pregnancy.
  • Urine test

Again a painless test which is done to

-Confirm pregnancy: the very first step towards pregnancy can be taken by carrying out a urine test to confirm if you’re or pregnant or not.

-Gestational Diabetes: this can be checked even from the urine sample by checking the amount of glucose present in the urine.

-Preeclampisa: It is a condition in pregnancy that is associated with high blood pressure, and can be tested by comparing the level of proteins in your urine in early and later stages of pregnancy.

-Urinary tract infection: this can happen if you have red or white blood cells or bacteria in your urine.

Other than these, there are some miscellaneous tests like blood pressure, breast checkup and many more to make sure that there is no problem in any part of the body which can be harmful for baby or the mother.

In case of any doubt, there are many tests done for checking some specific disorders such as genetic disorder that can create complications in pregnancy.

These tests if done in a proper routine can be helpful in ensuring proper treatment of the baby and the mother and thus a safe healthy pregnancy.

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