Second trimester prenatal visits

Second trimester prenatal visits

Second trimester prenatal visits
Second trimester prenatal visits 

During the second trimester (14 weeks to 27 weeks), you’ll typically see your healthcare practitioner once every four weeks unless you have a condition or complications that call for more frequent checkups. Here’s what you can expect your practitioner to do at each visit.

Gather information

Your practitioner will probably start by reviewing your chart and following up on issues that were raised at your previous prenatal visit. She’ll let you know about any test results that have come back.

Your practitioner will ask you specific questions:

  • Are you feeling nauseated?
  • Are you feeling the baby move yet? (And later: Is your baby moving as often as before?)
  • Have you been leaking fluid or had any vaginal spotting or bleeding?
  • Have you felt any contractions?

She’ll also want to know how you’re feeling in general, both physically and emotionally. Remember that these visits are your opportunity to address any questions or concerns you may have, so be sure to bring up whatever’s on your mind.

Record your weight

Gaining an appropriate amount of weight will boost your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and baby. How much you should gain depends on your pre-pregnancy height and weight, as well as whether you’re carrying multiples.

Source: babycentre
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