1/3 of the pregnant women suffer from STUFFY NOSE! How to get rid of it?

Stuffy nose during pregnancy

About one- third of pregnant women suffer from stuffy nose during their pregnancy. The nasal changes that you experience during pregnancy is due to the hormonal changes that your body undergoes. So, if you are sneezing and sniffing with no particular reason that is just because of the pregnancy that your nose is feeling a little bit different than normal.

Rhinitis (when the mucous swells and causes irritation in the membrane of the nose) which generally takes place during the first trimester of pregnancy, but can increase gradually due to the changes in hormones.

The cold that you are dealing with is because of the increased level of estrogen and progesterone that makes the blood vessels inside your nose swell. The amount of blood that will be produced in your body will also be more because that is required to support your baby. This will also enlarge the tiny capillaries in your nose. It is easy to medicate yourself when you are not pregnant but you have to be more careful in taking the right medication during pregnancy, because whatever you are consuming will affect the baby.

Taking anti-inflammatory products is not advisable by a lot of doctors and also you should try and stay away from the nasal sprays even if they are natural products.

Here are some ways that can help you in getting rid of the nose congestion:


Taking a hot steam will be helpful. Take a bowl filled with boiling water and put a towel over your head. Inhale the steam by taking long breaths and also exhale out slowly.

Ginger- The natural remedy

It is said that ginger is supposed to have anti- inflammatory properties. So make yourself a hot ginger tea first thing in the morning. Your fluid intake will rise and also make clear your nasal cavity.

Keep your head high!

While sleeping, keep your head up because it will help in draining the mucus. Make sure that your neck and back are well supported.

Blow it out

Keep blowing your nose regularly. It will help in clearing the passage. Don’t overdo it because it can make your skin dry and irritating.


Drink lots of water. It will not only keep your baby healthy but will also reduce congestion.

If the situation gets worse, consult your doctor.

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