Using Herbs during pregnancy

Using herbs during pregnancy

Want to go natural during your pregnancy? What’s better than using herbs. In this era of medicines some women still use herbs during their pregnancy period. Herbal remedies are produced from plants and come in many forms like powder, capsules or tablets. They are available in pharmacies and herbal shops.

If you are pregnant consult a herbalist before taking any herbal medicine or drinking herbal tea. Some herbal remedies are effective but are not always safe. It would be advisable not to take any herbal medicine if you are already taking any prescribed medicine. Herbs contain substances which can cause miscarriage or affect the fetus. Therefore usage of herbs requires a cautious approach. There can be both an advantage and a disadvantage of using herb remedy.

These are the common herbs used during pregnancy:

  1. Peppermint leaf: Used for relieving nausea and morning sickness
  2. Red raspberry Leaf: This herb is rich in iron and is helpful in toning the uterus and increasing the milk production. It also helps in diminishing labour pains. Many specialist recommend it during the first trimester.
  3. Ginger root: Helps relieve nausea and morning sickness.
  4. Dandelion: This herb is rich in vitamin A and helps in keeping the liver healthy.
  5. Eucalyptus: An essential oil added in steam to relief sinuses.

It also depends upon how you are using the herb. For example, Rosemary during pregnancy can be harmful when used orally as it might have menstrual flow and uterine stimulants effect in your system. It is best if you avoid it.

However there are some herbs which should be avoided during pregnancy:

  1. Cotton root: it stimulates the womb.
  2. Aloe Vera : it may cause miscarriage.
  3. Autumn Crocus: effects the cell division.
  4. Barberry: Cause fetal distress and contractions. It may also cause low blood sugar.
  5. Bitter orange: may cause heart stroke.

You need to be extra careful about the kind of herb you will be using during pregnancy. Always consult a doctor before consuming any herb.

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