Bleeding during late pregnancy


Bleeding during any phase of pregnancy is dangerous. During the first trimester, vaginal bleeding is very common. It may vary from light blood spots to heavy bleeding with clots. Vaginal bleeding during the final trimester is a true emergency.

Bleeding in the first trimester can have various reasons like implantation bleeding, miscarriage, blighted ovum, intrauterine fetal demise or ectopic pregnancy.

Bleeding in the final trimester have its own different reasons. Mostly they are related to the problem with the placenta.

Placental Previa

is one such condition in which the placenta, which connects the baby to the wall of your womb, partially or completely cover the cervical opening. In late pregnancy, the cervix becomes thin and dilates in preparation for labor; some of the blood vessels of the placenta gets to stretch and rupture resulting in bleeding.

Placental Abruption

is another such condition in which the placenta gets detached from the wall of the womb, and the blood gets collected between the placenta and womb. The reason for this is still not known.

Uterine Rupture

This is a very rare condition. In this condition, the baby is expelled in the abdominal area due to the splitting of the uterus. This can happen due to prior surgery in the uterus including caesarean surgery. This condition can be fatal for the baby as the baby can die due to suffocation.

Fetal Vessel Rupture (Vasa Previa)

is another rare condition which can lead to bleeding. In this condition, the baby’s blood vessel from the umbilical cord may get attached to the membrane instead of the placenta.

When labor starts, the cervix starts opening up more and becomes dilated which result in a normal discharge of blood with mucus.

One should go to the doctor if bleeding occurs during late pregnancy as it can have fatal consequences if it is not treated immediately. Most doctors prefer to have a cesarean delivery in any of the above complications occurs.

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