Have these 5 symptoms? You might have PILES!!

Piles during pregnancy

It is the condition when the blood vessels connecting your lower rectum with your anus becomes inflamed and swollen. If it is not checked well in time then the situation might get aggravated and can cause the swollen blood vessels to come out of the anus after passing stool.

What causes piles in pregnancy?

You are more likely to get piles in pregnancy as during this period, the volume of blood  increases, and also there is an increase in the levels of hormone progesterone. Progesterone is responsible for relaxing the walls of blood vessels. Thus, an increase in progesterone level makes it easier for the blood vessels to swell up thereby causing piles. Also the growing uterus and the baby inside put pressure on the pelvic veins which contributes in swelling of the vessels as blood circulation does not occur efficiently. Another factor can be constipation.


Some common symptoms of piles are as follows:-

  • blood after passing stool
  • itching around your bottom
  • discharge of mucous after passing stool
  • feeling that you still need to empty your bowels
  • protrusion of a small lump from anus after passing stool

Though it is common that you will get piles in pregnancy, you can still avoid it to some extent by following these few tips:-

  • Having a high fiber diet which includes wholegrain bread, cereal, brown rice and raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Drinking plenty of water and other fluids every day to stay hydrated and avoid constipation
  • Exercising everyday which will increase blood circulation
  • Not to wait if you get an urge for passing out stool and not to put pressure while in loo that can put pressure on the rectal area.

Piles are generally painless but uncomfortable, no doubt. So if you experience the above symptoms then the following measures can be taken:-

  • To get relieved from soreness and irritation around bottom, use a cloth wrung out from ice water
  • For cleaning, you can use a moist wipe rather than using dry tioilet paper.
  • If a lump of vessels come out of the anus, then try pushing it back gently with a clean finger after your loo. A lubricating jelly can help in that.

As piles have no risk to your baby, hence, there is nothing to worry about. Also, generally, piles disappear after delivery. So, just carry on with a balanced diet, plenty of water, and some exercises and in case you get piles, follow the above steps and all will be sorted.

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