How to deal with Hot Flashes during pregnancy?

Hot flashes during pregnancy

Did you know that about 35% women report hot flashes during pregnancy, and 29% women experience them after delivery? Though hot flashes are typical symptoms of menopause, over one-third pregnant women experience them during pregnancy and postpartum , and this can be annoying. But what are hot flashes anyway and what causes them? Are there any ways of preventing them?

What Does A Hot Flash Feel Like?

Hot flashes are the heat originating from the neck and head, and spreading down to the chest, lasting for about 30 seconds to five minutes. In some cases, the heat generates from the lower body. You will perspire as your body tries to cool down after a sudden flash.

The flashes are unique as the frequency and intensity vary. Remember that hot flashes and fevers are different as the former do not elevate your body temperature whereas the latter do.

Are Hot Flashes Normal During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is normal to have hot flashes during pregnancy. They usually occur in the first and second trimesters at night. In some cases, they continue after delivery as your body produces milk for breastfeeding. The fluctuating hormones increase the blood flow to your skin surface, making you feel warm and flushed. The surging blood raises the skin temperature, especially in your chest area, neck, and head, giving them a red and blotchy look.


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