Forgetfulness in pregnancy


During pregnancy, you might have felt or might have seen other pregnant women complaining about forgetting the most basic tasks in their daily routine. This is an actual symptom of pregnancy and is known as ‘momnesia’, ‘pregnancy brain’ or ‘baby brain’.

The level of intensity of this symptom is very different for every woman and it also varies as per the trimester of pregnancy. The exact reason behind this is yet to be discovered. Scientists and researchers believe that the forgetfulness is caused by hormonal changes. However, it is not clear as to how those hormones affect the memory of pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, a woman feels tired and under stress, and due to this it is natural for a normal human being to become forgetful. Strange as it may be some research suggests that a woman with a baby girl in her womb is more forgetful than a women carrying a boy.

One research also says that during pregnancy, a woman’s brain develops new cells. These cells make women feel more emotional toward others and especially towards the baby thereby helping her in getting ready to take care of the baby when the time comes.

Should you worry or not?

50% to 80% of pregnant women suffer from ‘momnesia’. It is quite normal to forget things when you are pregnant. It becomes problematic when you start feeling depressed, get bored while doing tasks which you like and if it causes lack insomnia or excessive sleep during pregnancy. So, when you feel any of the above symptoms along with forgetfulness, it warrants a call to your doctor.

How to tackle it?

Here are some tips for you to make things simple and to cope up with forgetful situations in your daily routine.

  • Keep a note of important meetings, appointments with doctors, important meetings which you cannot miss. You can use apps for this on your smartphones. Go through these notes frequently.
  • Use reminders that notify you from time to time about your medicine timings, work schedules etc. Again smart phone apps can come in handy.
  • Simplify your life. Put things in their place, as a habit you won’t forget to bring those things with you. Organize your desk and everything you need, it will help you remember things better.
  • Add events on calendar immediately after you get information about them. Tick mark or strike them off after events are over.
  • Most important matter in all of this forgetful frenzy is to make some time for yourself. Do something you like, take a leisure bath, have happy moments with family, go out for a special dinner or maybe try that art project you’ve always wanted to do.

You can make your pregnancy so much easier with these simple methods. You won’t miss appointments, won’t have to remember where you put your keys or check whether you have closed the door or not!

Have a happy pregnancy!

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