Is your HEART beating extremely fast!! Should you worry?

Heart beating fast during pregnancy

Extra blood to the heart results in increasing the heart rate by 25 percent than the usual. You may feel like your heart is beating too fast.

However, if you experience palpitations during pregnancy, this happens because the amount of blood in your vessels increases during pregnancy which provides more oxygen and nutrients to your growing baby. Your heart is therefore adapting to the changes that your body is undergoing due to which the risk of getting palpitations is higher. In addition, pregnancy is also the time when you are more stressed than you normally are. This is also the reason why you get palpitations during pregnancy.

Although it is quite normal for the people who are not pregnant. But it can be a matter of concern if you are frequently getting palpitations during pregnancy. Do take advice from your doctor and especially when you have never had them before. They can also be a sign of a medical problem such as anemia or thyroid. However, they can also be a sign of some kind of heart problem. If you get palpitations evaluated right away. If you have symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness or if you are feeling faintish, consult your doctor immediately.

Your doctor will do a heart tracing called electrocardiogram and may also do some other tests to make sure everything is fine. They may also ask you to wear a Holter monitor for few days so that they can record if there is any abnormal heart beat.

How to handle this?

Palpitations can be scary and annoying at the same time. But once you have got a green signal from the doctor that there is nothing serious, here are some tips you can take to avoid it:

No Caffeine: Do not go in for caffeinated products or nicotine because they trigger the blood circulation of your body. Drinks like coffee, tea, cold drinks and juices should be avoided.

Keep exercising: Go for walk daily to get fresh air. It will also distract your mind. You can also exercise but only after consulting your doctor. Try to keep your stress away. Do more of things that will make you happy and relaxed. Deep breathing and meditation is also necessary. Try not to go for heavy meals as it can worsen heart palpitations instead take short meals at regular intervals.

Mostly, heart palpitations are quite normal in pregnancy so you need not to worry if your doctor has given you a green signal.

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