Hungry all the time?? 5 ways to deal with hunger during your second trimester!!

Hungry during second trimester of pregnancy

During the second trimester your morning sickness eases out. But you feel more hungry now. This usually happens when you are 17 weeks pregnant. This happens because the demand for more nourishment increases as your baby needs more food to grow. This puts more pressure on you and you feel more hungry.

You need to listen to your baby and fulfill its needs. If you have lost weight due to nausea and morning sickness then your increasing appetite is a signal that you need to refill and get on a healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Remember that you are eating for two and the your baby needs all the nutrients possible to have a healthy growth. Having said that, you have to be careful that you don’t over eat. Also keep a check on the amount of calories that you are consuming. Most women need only about 350 or more calories in a day and gradually in the second trimester about 500 calories.

What can be done?

Eat well: Make sure that your tummy is filled all the time. Keep having something at regular intervals and keep in mind that the contents are healthy also. Taking Vitamin A and C is necessary for you.

No temptations: We can understand that you have cravings but sometimes you need to control that. Excess of anything is not at all good.

Carry snacks: Going out somewhere? Well, that should not be a problem. Carry healthy snacks wherever you go. This will help you curb your hunger plus provide you with your dose of nutrients.

Watch your weight: Keep a check over your weight. Make sure you are not gaining extra weight as gaining more weight can cause problems like gestational Diabetes which might increase your risk of preeclampsia. You risk of having a troubled labour will increase. Leg cramps, hemorrhoids, backaches, physical exhaustion can be other affects of gaining during pregnancy. Consult your doctor if you are gaining more than the normal weight.

Pampering: Pamper yourself with your favourite food once in a while. You definitely deserve it!

So stay active and stay happy! Have a great Pregnancy!

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