Pregnant without having Morning Sickness

Is it normal to be pregnant without have any symptoms or signs of morning sicknessLearn about the various symptoms and signs of morning sickness.? Find out if not having morning sickness has any negative benefits.

Pregnant without Morning Sickness

Many women go through their entire pregnancy without suffering from morning sickness. In fact, 2 out of 10 women will not have any morning sickness symptoms. So why do some women suffer from morning sickness while others don’t?

The answer is complicated. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. However, if morning sickness runs in your family, if you have had morning sickness in a previous pregnancy, or if you are expecting multiples the chances are that you will have morning sickness in future pregnancies.

So Why Do Some Women Not Have Morning Sickness?

Since the exact cause of morning sickness is not known, it is impossible to determine the exact reason why some women do not have morning sickness. However, researchers believe women without morning sickness have lower levels of hCG levels which leads to fewer symptoms of pregnancy.

Source: Morning Sickness Mentor

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