Passing blood in stool? Know more about RECTAL BLEEDING in pregnancy.

Rectal bleeding during pregnancy

In pregnancy, bleeding is fairly common. But it is at times difficult to check if the bleeding is vaginal or rectal.

Rectal bleeding is whenever blood comes through anus. Some of the causes of rectal bleeding can be:-
  • Anal fissure- it is a small fissure in the tissue of anal canal. Pregnant women are prone to constipation due to which they pass hard stool. Consequently, the tissue lining the anus gets torn which is called anal fissure and thus bleeds. Passing out stool can be painful in this situation.
  • Hemorrhoid or piles- it is when blood vessels in the rectal area get swollen. In a worse condition, they might cause bleeding

Few less common causes can be cancers such as anal cancers and colon cancer, inflammation of the rectum etc.

So, whether bleeding is painful or not, it will surely be uncomfortable for you, hence, to prevent it to some extent, you can follow the following steps:-

  • Eat high fibers food for proper bowel movement. These include whole grain breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables (preferably raw)
  • Drinking plenty of water as it can help to avoid constipation.
  • Get enough of exercise which will increase blood circulation and also regulate and enhance bowel movement.
  • Go whenever you get an urge to pass out stool.
  • Never strain while passing stool, as it can aggravate the situation. As mentioned above, go only when you get an urge.

Other than these, if you already have bled, then you can follow the following tips:-

You can use a soft cloth wrenched in cold water to clean the anal area after passing stool. For reducing the burning sensation caused due to fissure, you can use an ice pack. To clean after a fissure, avoid rubbing and just pat to clean yourself.

Rectal bleeding do not really cause any harm to the unborn, so there is no need to worry about. Also, this might not last long after delivery but in case it occurs frequently and heavily, even during pregnancy, then it is good to consult a doctor.

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