Sweating a lot!! 5 tips to stay hydrated during pregnancy.

Sweating a lot during pregnancy

Sweating during pregnancy is a common phenomenon. Sweat is a form of perspiration that is secreted from the sweat glands and helps to regulate the temperature in your body. It might be difficult for you to cope with the rising temperature during pregnancy and you would just want to get rid of the clothes that you are wearing. But the good news is, it is completely normal.

What causes it?

Sweating can be a result of increased blood flow caused due to the hormonal changes in your body. Increased blood flow can result in body temperature to rise and hence, sweating helps your body to cool down. You might also experience postpartum sweating, when your body is losing out the excess fluids and there is a change in your hormones again.

You will feel that extra heat your body is producing during the first and the third trimester. However, during the second trimester you sweating eases out a bit because your hormones are stabilized. This problem soon goes away post-delivery when you start ovulating again.

Let’s tell why this happens. There are several types of glands in your body. The apocrine glands that are located in your armpits, genitals and perianal areas are mainly responsible for producing the odour in your body. On the other hand the glands that are responsible to regulate the temperature in your body are called eccrine glands which are supposed to be all over your body, but whats best about them is that do not give out any kind of smell.

What can be done?
Hydration: You need to stay hydrated because your body is losing out on fluids whenever you are sweating which might cause dizziness. So take in as much fluids as you can. Water is the best option but taking in other fluids like coconut water and fresh fruits juices is also good. Just make sure you are not taking aerated drinks like soda and cold drinks as they will unnecessarily aide your weight gain. A great way to check whether you are hydrated or not is to look at the color of your urine. If it is light in color then your hydration is on point.
Avoid working out: Go for morning walks instead of working out late in the evening. Swimming might also be good as it will cool you down a bit. If you are opting for gym make sure it is fully air- conditioned
Keep away from spicy food: It is advisable not to eat spicy food during your pregnancy especially when you are sweating regularly, because they will trigger your sweat reflex.
Go for light and loose clothes: Avoid wearing tight clothes as it will make you feel hotter.
Use towel: When sleeping at night use a towel and spread it over your bed sheet so that it can absorb your sweat. Also, use a talc in sweat prone areas of your body to prevent rashes.

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