SWELLING & FLUID RETENTION during pregnancy: When to worry?

Swelling & Fluid retention during pregnancy

Swelling is a very common symptom of pregnancy. Swelling takes place because of the increased blood flow in your body which is a result of hormonal changes in your body. About half of the pregnant women experience swelling around the ankles which generally happens in the last months of the pregnancy.

Most of the pregnant women experience swelling in the feet and ankles. Don’t stand for longer durations because it will pain even more. If the condition gets serious there might be state of preeclampsia. It is a condition when you see redness in the affected area and your skin becomes lumpy. There might be itching too. You are not likely to get swelling in every part of your body but you need to visit your doctor if the condition becomes serious and the pain is unbearable

Here are few ways which will help you in getting rid of swelling:
  • Eat healthy. Include fruits and vegetables that are a good source of Vitamin C
  • Exercise
  • Stay hydrated
  • Apply heat pad or hot water bag
  • Avoid standing for longer hours
  • Wear supportive stockings
  • Rest with your feet elevated
  • Minimize the intake of salt and sodium because it increases the blood pressure
Fluid Retention (Water retention)

There is nothing to worry about this because about 80% of pregnant women goes through this problem. A vein called vena cava which is on the right side of your body is working very hard during this time. Its job is to carry blood from your lower back to your heart and all the pressure of your uterus is being put on your pelvic which makes the blood circulation weak.

Water retention occurs from the feet up around the ankles in which normally the lower leg get affected. However, towards the later stages you might also notice the swelling in your hands. Although it is very problematic but you will be happy to know that it will soon go away after you give birth. You should get it checked by the doctor if the condition worsens because there might be chances of oedema.

  • One of the most effective ways is to drink water. Avoid salty food. At the same time, do not cut off from salt completely.
  • Apply ice compressor on the affected area and exercise in your free time. Ask your physician about the suitable exercises for you.
  • In case your fingers and hand are swollen, take off all the rings because they might stop the blood flow.
  • Rest your legs and put your feet up. Don’t stand or sit for longer duration.

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