Sour or Metallic taste? Why does sense of taste change during pregnancy?

taste change during pregnancy

Pregnancy may change the way food and drink tastes. Taste change during pregnancy is a common symptom during the first trimester. Dysgeusia is the medical term for changes in your sense of taste. Some mothers-to-be feel like they are chewing on pennies or drinking from a metal cup.

Many women have experienced a change in their sense of taste during pregnancy. Don’t worry! This is totally normal. Just like changes in your sense of smell – your taste buds will return to normalcy post delivery. But why does it happen?

Why do you experience taste change during pregnancy?

It is because your body is working extra efficiently to look after you and your baby.
The plasma volume (blood flow) in your body increases by up to 50 per cent during pregnancy. So anything going from your blood to your brain reaches it faster and in larger quantities. This increases your responses and that is why you will react more strongly to tastes.

If you have recently given up drinking or smoking, it could also be a cause for experiencing foods differently.

Taste of heavy metal

Metallic, coppery taste in your mouth after having something is another side effect of pregnancy.

This frequently happens when you have caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea & fizzy ones – which you are not advised to consume during pregnancy. Doctor’s believe that metallic taste is your body’s way of warning you and telling you that you should not be having such drinks.

What can help you cope?

Apart from staying away from the foods you are now less keen on, fight any associated nausea. Something that works for many mums-to-be is cutting an apple, mushing it up a little with a fork and then leaving it out in the air for an hour before eating it.  It is something about how it oxidises that seems to help.

Remember if you have being very sick or unwell when you have something, speak to your doctor just to make sure it is not hyperemesis (a stomach bug) or other pregnancy related condition.