Pregnancy glow- Skin changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy glow is the result of increased hormones in your body. The glow will not only be on your face but on your breast, belly and other places also.You may experience a dryer skin than usual, and a little more sensitive skin because of the immense changes that your skin goes through during your pregnancy period.

Why do you glow during pregnancy?

A lot of doctors say that the glow occurs due to some of the physiological changes that take place in your body during pregnancy. As stated above the body goes through a lot of hormonal changes that makes your skin oilier causing it to shine.

Another factor is an increase in the blood flow. During pregnancy the blood flow in your body increases by 50%. This increase in the blood flow leads in making your skin look brighter and fuller.

However, apart from that glowing skin your skin may also undergo these changes:

Acne: Pregnancy hormones makes your skin oily which leads to causing pimples.

Darker skin: Certain areas in your skin gets darker due to your hormones. You might notice a line above and below your belly button known as the Linea Nigra. Your nipples might also darken. Moles may also deepen a shade or two.

Stretch marks: Stretch marks occur when your skin does not have elasticity to bear the changing weight during pregnancy. This is why your skin develops marks that are slightly lighter in colour than your complexion

The mask of pregnancy: Your skin undergoes pigmentation also known as mask of pregnancy. There are brown spots that develop which women find it disturbing and less desirable. The mask of pregnancy might go away after you give birth, but the pregnancy glow disappears too. Taking regular care of your skin is a must.

Remember, you are soon going to be a mom and the beauty and innocence of your baby’s face will reflect on your face, the day you hold your baby in your arms.

So keep going beautiful mommies. Happy pregnancy!

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