Skin problems- How to take care of your changing skin during pregnancy?

A woman looks the most ravishing when she is pregnant. So don’t worry about the acne or the unbearable pimples, because these are just because of the hormonal changes in your body that is effecting your skin in many ways. All your problems gets solved after you deliver.

Tips below can help you with your skin problems:

Bye Bye acnes! Acnes can be problematic. Try out some anti-blemish agents or consult your dermatologist for a better advice. Avoid products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or any of the retinoid.

Fight the dry skin: Some women are prone to dry skin during pregnancy this is because of the hormonal changes that you undergo. Apply a lot a moisturizer and increase your intake of fluids.

Keep your eyes Happy: Dark circles can make you look tired and dull. Apply slices of cucumber on your eyes and relax. Scrubbing them with apple or papaya pulp is also helpful.

Keep your skin protected: Don’t forget to apply sunblock whenever you are going out to avoid tanning.

Say no the stretch marks: Cocoa butter is said to work best on stretch marks, apply lotions enriched with cocoa butter or apply some coconut oil.

Drink and Drink: In take of water can be the best remedy for you. It not only takes care of your skin but also cleanses your body.

Treat the crack: If you are suffering from cracked lips and heels then apply some ‘ghee’ over it or vegetable oil, which will simply be available in your kitchen.  Applying a simple lip balm will also help.

Remove the itch: Some women suffer from itchy stomach and back this is because your skin stretches at that time. Apply a simply calamine lotion for soothing or consult your doctor.

All of the products are easily available and you will get rid of these problems gradually.

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