Dreaming about water? Know about the most common first trimester dreams

first trimester dreams

If you are in your first trimester and are having dreams or even nightmares about giving birth or your baby, there’s no need to worry. You’re not alone – a lot of women tend to feel this way. Pregnancy is a time when your dreams have more twists (like the plot of a thriller movie) than ever before. Since we often dream about what we think and feel, it’s all normal. Pregnancy can make you feel anxious, since you’re often thinking about your baby, and the changes taking place in your body. If it’s your first child, it can make you even more anxious because of the feelings inside you about becoming a mother.

Your dreams can sometimes be vivid or disturbing. If they are affecting you in any way, talk to your doctor, partner, parents, or friends. Telling them about your dreams will make you feel better. Your doctor can also assure you that there’s nothing you need to worry about.

It’s not possible to predict what kind of dreams you’ll be having. However, there are some images which can appear in your dreams at particular pregnancy stages.

If you are dreaming about grown-up children…

When you are pregnant for the first time, you might dream about giving birth to a grown up child. This could mean that you find an older or a grown child to be less threatening than a newborn child, who you find to be fragile. It could also mean that you’re worried that you will have to join back work after childbirth, and you fear you’ll not be around when your baby grows up. If it’s your first baby, it could also mean that you are apprehensive about childbirth. You hope for an easy birth and that accounts for your dream, where a grown child pops out from nowhere.

If you are dreaming about water…

You may find water to be a common and recurring theme in your dreams when you’re pregnant. We begin our lives in our mother’s wombs, surrounded by liquid. You might dream of water bodies such as oceans, rivers, ponds, and even fish or tadpoles.

When you get pregnant, fluid starts to build up in your uterus. This is why swimming can be a common theme during your first trimester dreams.

As you move forward in your pregnancy, you may find your dreams becoming more dramatic. For example, if you dream of a giant wave, it may symbolize breaking waters.

If you are dreaming about driving and buildings…

Driving a vehicle is a reflection of the way you move through your life. Did you have a dream where you were driving a large vehicle, such as a bus or lorry? This might indicate how you are feeling about your changing shape. Since a large vehicle is difficult to drive, it might mean you are finding it hard to adjust to your changing shape.

Many pregnant women also see buildings in their dreams. Buildings are places inside which new places or ideas are put together, such as a restaurant or a home or a factory. You might find the size and complexity of the buildings increase as you move ahead in your pregnancy. Many women see skyscrapers in their pregnancy dreams.

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