PREGNANCY DREAMS: Because the hormones weren’t CRAZY enough!!

Pregnancy Dreams

As if you do not have enough strange things happening to your body and mind that you need some seriously weird nightmare stories that will haunt you the entire next day. We cannot assure you that you will not get these nightmares. But at least we can make you feel better by telling you that you are not alone who is going through this phase. Pregnancy dreams can range from being all lovey dovey to outright weird and frightening.

Many of us do sail in the same boat. This is because of the amalgamation of pregnancy hormones and the real worries of how your life might change after pregnancy. These make your brain visit some unusual places while you sleep. After knowing the experiences of Ango Health moms, we have listed few common pregnancy dreams — have you ever had any of them?

Giving birth to a non-human baby

A lot of people dream about having puppies. It can be deduced to a sign of anxiety, since the mother does not know anything about her baby yet. Questions like – What will the baby look like? What will he/she act like? lead to these dreams.

Putting the baby in danger

This thought stems from the nervousness of a mother about being in charge of a tiny thing, completely dependent human being. The mother is so worried about how she is going to take care of a baby that she dreams of hurting the baby or putting him or her in danger.

Dreams about exes

This is merely because you are stepping in a new phase of your life. You are a little nostalgic about your past as you get ready for your new beginning. Remember that the present is so great because you gave up the past.

Sex dreams – Well what to say about this!!!!

The increased estrogen levels can be the answer for having some wild and crazy dreams.

Strange things happening to your body

Ango mom Karamjit dreamed that her teeth fell out in a long string that was attached to her brain! A lot of woman have shared similar experiences of body parts falling off in strange fashions. These are just manifestations of your anxiety and you shouldn’t worry about them.

Dreams where you are in danger

Several of the moms had dreams of being attacked by aliens who are after them and are trying to kill them by drowning them in the lake. It is already so difficult to sleep during pregnancy and on top of that, dreams likes these make it even more difficult for you to sleep.

Dreams revealing the gender of your baby

Surely a few of you must have dreamed of the gender of your baby before you found out. Though there is no science behind it, you must have had these dreams and maybe even gotten the sex right. We’d love to hear about your experiences and dreams that you got right!

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