Wrong sleeping position during pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids! Know about the right sleeping posture for you.

Sleeping position

Are you sacred about your sleeping positions during your pregnancy? Sleep is a must thing that you require for yourself and for your baby too, but sometimes it becomes necessary to avoid your most preferable sleeping position to be on a safer side. Here are some sleeping positions that you can take up during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your back

A lot of doctors and experts recommend not to sleep on your back during second and third trimesters during pregnancy. This is because the entire weight of your growing uterus and the baby is plunged on your back and the main vein that carries blood back to the heart from your lower body. This pressure can cause back ache and hemorrhoids and is also and also causes trouble in your digestion and can also make your blood pressure low. This can harm the baby because it will not receive proper oxygen. Seeping on your back once in a while is not a problem because that’s a natural thing. But make sure it does not take place for prolonged periods.

Sleeping on either side

According to experts this is the best position during the time of pregnancy. Sleeping on either side (preferably left) allows for maximum blood flow and nutrients to the placenta. This position also improves kidney function and helps remove all wastes from the body. So sleeping on your side helps reduce swelling of hands and feet, a common pregnancy symptom.

Sleeping on your tummy during pregnancy

If you wake up on your tummy then there is no problem. You might probably find it hard to sleep on your tummy during the second trimester because of your baby bump. So if you are in a habit of sleeping like this then take a pregnancy pillow which will help you rest your tummy.

Some of you might be finding it difficult to find the ideal sleeping position this is because your body is not used to the change. Give sometime to your body and it will get used to it. Some basic pregnancy care like proper diet and exercise also help.