Trimester-by-trimester- Emotional changes during pregnancy


Why am I crying all the time? Why am I getting angry all the time? These are some of the few questions that come to your mind when you are pregnant. But, it is totally normal to have mood swings and you cannot do anything about it.

Why do I get mood swings?

There will be times when you would want to throw up just by the sight of blueberry cheese cake, which once used to be your favourite dessert. Hormonal changes in your body due to the fluctuation of progesterone and estrogen hormones result in mood swings. As the pregnancy progresses, there will be a different you.

Here is a detailed explanation of your emotional changes that will take place in every trimester:

First trimester

It’s time to get haunted by the morning sickness. Extreme nausea and fatigue will make you irritable and moody. You will also feel happy about your pregnancy but the changes that will go on inside you will make you anxious.

Try making yourself feel better by telling the news to your family and friends. Although, a lot of women don’t do this during their first trimester but who knows you might feel a lot better because you will be seeing the happy reactions and this might cheer you up. You might even find it hard to go on with your day to day work but try to keep normal and look for ways to deal with your daily task. If you are not able to cope up with it then get an ultrasound done. The pictures of the baby will make you feel good and you would want to continue with it.

Second Trimester

This will comparatively be an easy time for you. Your morning sickness and fatigue will be gone by now. You will feel excited because your baby has started kicking.

This trimester also has a downside to it. You will tend to become forgetful and also a little bit careless. You will start getting concerned about your looks as there will be a lot of physical changes that you will notice in your body like changes in the skin, enlarged breast and swelled up feet. Don’t worry. Talking to your baby will definitely make you feel better and ease your stress.

Third Trimester

You may now be in a state of dilemma. As your due date is nearing, you may feel scared and anxious. You need to control your emotions. Keep yourself engaged by looking out for baby names or make plans your baby shower.

Pregnancy might be difficult for some women. They might not feel happy and slip into depression. If you are experiencing extreme anxiety and nothing is helping you to bring down the stress level, consult your doctor immediately.

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