Baby development in Second Trimester

Baby's growth in second trimester

As you go into the later stages of pregnancy, your baby seems to be more real. Because in the prior weeks your baby was a cluster of cells. But in the second trimester your baby starts developing muscles and nerves.

Here is a pattern showing your baby’s development week wise:

Week 15: Baby’s scalp pattern develops. Your baby is growing rapidly. If you will get an ultrasound done you will get to see the bone development of your baby.

Week 16: Your baby will make eye movements. Your baby’s head is erect. The eyes of your baby can slowly move and the ears are close to reaching the final position. Your baby limb movements are becoming coordinated and they can be detected in ultrasound examination. The movements are however too slight to be felt by you.

By this time your baby will be more than four and a half inches and will weigh around 1.8 kgs.

Week 17: Baby’s toenails develop. 15 weeks after the conception the toenails starts becoming visible. Your baby is becoming more active in the amniotic sac. Your baby’s heart is pumping 100 pints of blood each day.

Week 18: When you become 18 months pregnant you baby’s ears become to stand out on the side of his or her head. Your baby might begin to hear.

Although, the hearing actually starts developing a lot earlier around the 6th week mark along with other tissues that will form part of the face.

What can the baby hear?

The sound would not be clear but around 23rd week your baby will be able to hear your heart beat and other noises including the rumbling of your tummy. More precisely they will be able to react to the sounds you will make including the sound of music.

How can I make it better?

Talking, reading and singing will be a great way to bond with your baby. This will help your baby become familiar with your voice.

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