3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus in week 25

The baby now weighs around 660 grams and is around 13.5 inches long from head to toe.

Your baby’s hands are now fully developed, including tiny fingernails and he has the ability to curl his fingers into a tiny fist. The nerve connections have not developed yet. For example, if he wants to grasp his foot, he will be unable to co-ordinate. However, he does start using his hands to explore the environment.

Small blood vessels (called capillaries) are forming under the baby’s skin. Blood vessels also develop in your baby’s lungs, bringing them one step closer taking the first breath of air. Your baby’s nostrils are starting to open this week. This allows your little one to begin taking practice breaths even though there is no air in his lungs. Moreover, his senses are developing fast. Fetal brain scans show that babies respond to touch. If you shine a light on your abdomen, your baby will turn his head, which shows that the optic nerve is functioning.