3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus in week 32

Your baby weighs 1.8 kg and his length might touch up to 17 inches. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair on his head are well-formed. For boys, his testicles have most likely moved into his scrotum. In some occasions, one or both testicles may not move into position until birth. Baby will lose most of his or her lanugo over the next few weeks.

You may notice a change in baby’s movements this week, given that he is being crowded inside your uterus. In these weeks, he has been continuously practicing swallowing, breathing, kicking and sucking. Your baby’s digestive system has fully developed. As fat has continued to accumulate, the baby is now opaque.

Between 32 and 38 weeks, he will also settle into the head-down, bottoms-up position in preparation for birth. This is because the baby’s head fits better at the bottom of your uterus, and childbirth is easier in this position. His sleep cycles are very regulated by now.