3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus in week 34

Your baby weighs about 2.25 kgs by now and might touch 18 inches from head to toe. His bones continue to harden, and maternal calcium intake is very important. The vast majority of babies born during this period have no major problems; one need not worry about pre-mature labor. His central nervous system is still developing, but his lungs are mature by now. His fingernails have reached the tips of his fingers by now.

A white, waxy coating protecting your baby’s skin (vernix) thickens this week. When your baby is born, you may see traces of vernix, especially under the baby’s arms, behind the ears and in the groin. Waste from the amniotic fluid accumulates in the gut, forming a substance called meconium, which will be your baby’s first greenish-black poop after the birth.