3d rendered medically accurate illustration of a fetus in week 40

The baby weighs over 3.5 kg by now and is 21 inches long on average. Your baby has no space to move around. You’re likely to feel her limbs protruding. Only 5% of all births happen on the scheduled date – most might happen a week early or a week later.

Post Birth

Baby’s Vision at Birth

Babies at birth can focus only about an inch away. Keep your face close to his when he is awake. He enjoys watching a loved one’s face and memorizes you and your partner’s voice and features.

Baby’s sound at birth

Your baby will mostly recognize the sound of your voice and your partner’s.


After birth, the baby will still be curled in the fetal position (though her arms and legs may flail a bit). This is because it takes some time for a baby to understand that he has room to move his body. Since the fetal position is the only position he has really known, it’s comforting. So he prefers to be swaddled – i.e. wrapped tightly in a blanket.

Attention span

His attention span is quite short, and familiarizing with the outside world is enough stimulation for the next few weeks.