Your body at week 21

You are now 21 weeks pregnant (or in your 22nd week if that’s how you choose to count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby measures about 27 centimeters or about ten-and-a-half inches from crown to heel. It is now possible to communicate with your baby by talking, reading loudly and even singing. If talking to your belly seems a little strange, you can try other ways to bond with your baby. Some studies have found that if you read to your baby from a book, newborns will suck more vigorously while feeding. Decide on a novel now, if you want to give it a try and, read it out loud. It might become your baby’s favourite bed time story for a long time after birth. Pick a children’s classic, or whatever you prefer. Read more about your baby’s development this week.

How your life is changing

It is difficult to be stylish when you’re pregnant. So don’t be surprised if you are getting a little clumsy these days. You are carrying more weight. Your fingertips, feet, and other joints are all loosening, due to the effect of hormones. Make sure you walk carefully and if you’ve not already done so, say goodbye to those high-heels you love wearing. They can cause backaches, and make it difficult to maintain balance.

Weight gain during pregnancy

You may be worried about how much weight you are going to gain by the end of pregnancy. Weight gain is a necessary part of pregnancy, so don’t be too harsh on yourself for putting on the extra kilos. Also, this is not the time to worry about how you will lose weight after your baby is born. Your body will need anything from a few months to a year for recovering the nutrients that were used up during maternity.

Do visit your doctor if there are any sudden changes in your weight. Your doctor will be able to verify the cause and take any corrective actions. There is no precise formula for how big your bump must be at this stage of the pregnancy. Your doctor will generally not measure your bump till you enter your third trimester. However, to relieve yourself of any doubts about the size of your belly, have a discussion with your doctor.