Your body at week 12

You are 12 weeks pregnant (or in your 13th week if this’s how you would rather count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby’s face is changing. The eyes and ears which were on the sides of the head are moving closer together and are nearly in their final position. All the major organs and tissues have formed inside your baby’s body and will rapidly grow over the next two months. The bowels, which start out as a large swelling in the umbilical cord, will begin descending into the stomach during this week. Read more details on your own child’s development this week.

How your life is changing

The early symptoms of pregnancy will begin to wane during this period. The nausea that has been troubling you all this while will begin to subside and you’ll start feeling less lethargic. Your risk of miscarriage has dropped drastically and in all likelihood you’ll take your pregnancy to term. Your body is getting used to the hormonal changes and soon you’ll recover your appetite.

Healthy diet during pregnancy

As your appetite improves, this is a good time to consult your dietitian and have a personalized diet plan made. You can register on Ango Health and get a free basic pregnancy diet plan. As a general precaution, make sure any meat that you eat is thoroughly cooked to reduce any chances of toxoplasmosis.

A balanced diet with the right vitamins and minerals is critical. Your baby needs calcium to develop healthy bones, teeth, and muscles; and you are her only source at the moment. If you don’t have enough through food or nutritional supplements, your infant may simply leach what she wants from your bones — which can jeopardize your own health.

Dental care during pregnancy

Your teeth and gums may be more prone to disorders during pregnancy so plan a dental check-up. Make sure your dentist knows about your pregnancy and does not prescribe a x-ray. You may find that your gums bleed while flossing and cleaning. Any medicine that you consume during pregnancy should be approved by your physician.

General tips for week 12

As your tummy begins to show, you are likely to start sporting more comfortable clothes. Many expectant mothers get a new hairstyle to satisfy the figure. It really is a superb time to rethink your look. There are plenty of pregnancy wear ranges to choose from. While your favourite dresses might not fit anymore, this is a great time to adorn a completely new style for all the special occasions.