Your body at week 13

You are now 13 weeks pregnant (or in your 14th week if that is how you count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby is a miniature human now. If you could look inside your womb, despite her proportions, you would notice a fully formed baby with unique fingerprints. Read additional information about the growth of your baby this week.

How your life is changing

You will be in your second trimester, the fourth to sixth month, by the end of this week. That’s fantastic information for two reasons. One, your risk of still-birth has dropped drastically, and two, those annoying early symptoms of pregnancy start to disappear. You might notice a definite improvement in your libido and your energy levels increase. Now is the best time to start exercising as recommended by pregnancy fitness experts. Register on Ango Health to get Ango pregnancy fitness regime or contact us to join Yoga classes conducted by our experts.

Although birth is still months away, your breasts have already started making colostrum. It is the very first milk that nourishes your baby immediately after birth, ahead of the normal milk flow. Do not worry if your breasts are small, your capacity to produce milk is independent of breast size. Your body will produce as much milk as your baby requires during the first few months after birth.