Your body at week 14

You’re now 14 weeks pregnant (or in your 15th week if that’s how you count it).

How your baby is growing

Hair is the big news this week! Your baby is growing lots of it, not only on the brows and head but around the body too. The baby is protected in a ultra fine downy hair called lanugo, which usually disappears before birth. Some muscles have also started to function. Your baby can grasp, squint, scowl, grimace and even draw his thumb this week. Read more about the growth of your baby this week.

How your life is changing

In all likelihood you are feeling livelier and brighter than in the initial 90 days of pregnancy. Some women do find that the nausea drags on and therefore in case you are feeling very ill, contact your doctor. Most women find the second trimester to be the easiest period of pregnancy. The cocktail of hormones settles down, sleep is sounder and bump isn’t too big to impede your motions. You must make the best use of these energetic middle weeks to enjoy activities, such as strolling, swimming and reduced-impact aerobics. Some women also use this time to travel and unwind. However, all travel plans must be discussed with your doctor before being finalised.

In addition, this is a good time to plan the future. You might now require a bigger house or a new vehicle and this is the time to make such decisions. If you have not informed your employer about your pregnancy, this is the right time for it. Plan your maternity leave and give the due notice to your employer. Look for good childcare options if you are planning to return to work soon after your delivery.

Keeping up with your antenatal plan while going to office daily can be a challenge, you can use Ango Health services to ensure all your pregnancy related needs are taken care of at your doorstep.