Your body at week 17

You’re now 17 weeks pregnant (or in your 18th week if that’s how you count it).

How your baby is growing

Things are really picking up pace now. Your baby’s eyes look forward, and his/her ears are nearly in their final place this week. The rubbery cartilage which will become her skeleton is about to start hardening into bone. Read more details about your baby’s growth this week.

How your life is changing

First time mothers usually start to feel the motions of their baby around this time. Several women report that the first sensations are like butterflies in the tummy. But your spouse won’t be able to share your excitement just yet. Kicking that can be felt from outside doesn’t usually start for another month or so.

As your body gently expands, you may feel less glamorous. Take some time to feel good about your changing body in the coming days. Follow our diet regime to eat healthy and stay fit. You may think you look unattractive but your partner will nevertheless finds you to be a turn on. Some guys find the roundness in their partner very intriguing. It really is quite safe to have sex right until your waters break, provided there is no medical reason to not do it, like haemorrhage. Some women find that their libido increases during pregnancy while some completely stop making love. It is not abnormal either way.

You may have also noticed your areolas becoming bigger as your breasts grow. It may last for as long as 12 months after childbirth and is really a benign side effect of pregnancy. Other skin changes like darker pigmentation on your face and linea nigra (dark line down the middle of your tummy) will begin to fade a few months after delivery.

This is a good time to plan your finances for the coming years. You may have decided to quit your job or take a break from office. Planning will help your family as with the baby on her way there would be added expenses.