Your body at week 18

You’re now 18 weeks pregnant (or in your 19th week if that’s how you choose to count it).

How your baby is growing

You officially start your fifth month of pregnancy this week. At the moment, all your baby can hear is the movement of your digestive system and your heartbeat, but soon she will be able identify your voice. Read additional information on the development of your baby this week.

How your life is changing

You are merely a week away from the half-way mark. You will feel relaxed but make sure you do not become complacent and miss any of your antenatal appointments. If you feel restless or anxious, get in touch with your doctor immediately.

In the next few weeks you will probably have a scan to assess your baby’s growth. You will see the little guy curled up inside you. Do remember to take your spouse with you for the scan. In a small percent of instances though, the scan may come up with some problems. It is always advisable to conduct another scan in such a scenario. Ultrasound tests are perfectly safe so you don’t have to worry about having another scan. Your doctor will guide you on the next steps if the second scan also shows a problem.

Larger, more comfortable clothes are a must now. Your toes may also swell alongside your body, and now is the time to buy a brand new pair of shoes. Wider fitting shoes with low heels are generally recommended. They help by keeping the feet comfortable and keep you steady as the belly expands.

You need more of Calcium and Vitamin D during this period to help your baby grow strong bones and teeth. Your doctor must have prescribed supplements for both. Milk products are a great source of Calcium and must be a part of your regular diet.