Your body at week 23

pregnant mother at week 23
pregnant mother at week 23

Hello! You are now 23 weeks pregnant (Or in your 24th week if that is how you count it)

How your baby is growing

Your baby measures about 29 centimeter from head to heel. Blood vessels are developing within your baby’s lungs preparing him for respiration. The baby is consistently swallowing the amniotic fluid though the first poop will happen only after birth. Read more details on the development this week of your baby.

How your life is changing

You may discover some bleeding when you brush your teeth. It is a common symptom of pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones can make your gums swell and become inflamed, which results in frequent bleeding, especially when you clean your teeth. What to do? Floss and brush regularly, but do it gently. It is crucial to practice good dental hygiene while pregnant to avoid gum disease. Some women may also experience occasional nosebleeds. They usually do not pose any threat but it is recommended to get a check up done to be sure.

As you may have already started to bond with the baby by talking, singing or reading; you may also try gently massaging your belly. It is perfectly safe for your partner to do it, as long as you use gentle long strokes along the body. This will allow both of you to feel close to the baby.

See if your spouse may free some time, to assist you for your monthly antenatal appointments. Also, you should consider having your mother or a close relative around you to provide you with that extra care and trust that you need during this time. Moreover, you mother can be a big help in guiding you through not just the pregnancy but also labour and delivery

If you haven’t informed your employer about your pregnancy, this is a good time to do it. Most companies require a 3 – 4 month notice period before you take your maternity leave. If your partner is also planning to take paternity leave, this would be a good time to plan for it.