Your body at week 24

You are now 24 weeks pregnant (or in your 25th week if that’s how you prefer to count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby is growing gradually, he has gained about 99 gram since last week. His skin is thin and frail but his body is becoming bigger and taking more room in your uterus. Your baby’s taste buds are developing and he must be developing a weakness for desserts already. The other huge development at this stage of pregnancy is the fact that your baby is now considered viable. Even though a lot of development will still happen over the next few months, with proper neonatal care he will be able to survive.

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How your life is changing

You may discover dim reddish stripes, otherwise generally known as striae or stretch marks on your tummy, sides and breasts. Pregnancy hormones can make your skin dry and you may find that your skin has become very itchy. Massaging with creams may make you feel more comfortable and help soothe the itching. However, the creams cannot prevent or get rid of the stretch marks at this stage. A few creams do claim to reduce them in the long run, but must be used according to your doctor’s recommendation. The stretchmarks will fade to silvery white marks after childbirth and are typical at the current stage of pregnancy.

You may have also experienced that your eyes feel dry, and gritty and, maybe a little sensitive to light. This is a completely normal pregnancy symptom known as dry vision. Some women use artificial tears to add moisture to the eyes. You must use these products only after consulting with your doctor. For other pregnancy symptoms like lower back pain, spasms or headaches you must always try natural remedies before resorting to medicines. However, if the condition becomes unbearable, always consult your doctor before consuming any pills.