Your body at week 25

You’re now 25 weeks pregnant (or in your 26th week if this is how you choose to count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby now measures over 35 centimeter and weighs above 600 gm. Fat is beginning to accumulate beneath the skin giving your baby a chubbier look. The senses are developing rapidly and becoming more sophisticated. At this stage, the rods and cones in the eyes start developing and your baby can sense light even though the eyelids are still closed. Tests have revealed that if you shine a light at your belly, your baby will move in response to it. You can read more about the growth of your baby this week here.

How your life is changing

You may sometimes find your sleep disturbed by dreams that are scary or vivid. Don’t worry, these are quite common. Your subconscious absorbs any worries about pregnancy and impending parenthood and turns them into dreams. Moreover, the increasing bump makes it tougher to find a comfortable posture to sleep in. It is recommended to try sleeping on your side to be comfortable. If you are used to sleeping on your tummy, you may find it difficult to fall asleep during this time.

Looking forward

Many women worry that they will not be able to have a natural delivery. This is a perfectly normal concern, especially if this is your first baby. You must ask your doctor and fitness expert to suggest exercises which would help increase chances of having a normal delivery. Also, it will help to know and learn about positions which allow the cervix to dilate during contractions. These also encourage the baby to move down the birth canal and ease the delivery. Using these positions (in addition to childbirth methods like breathing and water birth) increase your chances of having a normal delivery.

You can read more about benefits of a natural labour and delivery here.