Your body at week 26

Pregnant mother at week 26

You are now 26 weeks pregnant (or in your 27th week if that is how you count it).

How your baby is growing

If you could observe your baby now, you might be able to get a glimpse of his brown or black eyes, which are now actually starting to open.

Your baby has the capacity to react more as every week passes. Initially, he might only hear low-frequency sounds from inside your system, such as your tummy rumbling and your pulse. But by this week, she is beginning to also hear higher pitched sounds from outside your tummy (uterus).

Read more details on the growth of your baby this week.

How your life is changing

You are approaching the homestretch — the third trimester. Before you know it, your baby will be in your arms. Around this time, you might see a little increase in your blood pressure, which is normal. Blood pressure falls towards the end of the first trimester and tends to reach a low at around the 22-24th week.

At this time you must be aware of the symptoms of Preeclampsia: a serious condition typically characterized by high blood pressure. You must see your doctor immediately if you have puffing around the eyes, swelling in your face, excessive or sudden swelling of hands, feet or ankles or rapid weight gain. In addition to these, if you experience changes in vision (blurred vision, seeing flashes, seeing spots, sensitivity to light or temporary loss of vision), headaches, tenderness or pain in the abdomen vomiting you must immediately inform your doctor.

It is common to feel a mild back ache during this time. This is largely because of the shifting centre of gravity to accommodate the growing uterus along with the loosening muscles and stretching ligaments. The extra weight that you are carrying also adds to the strain and stresses the joints.

Maintain a good posture, avoid strenuous exercises, make sure you take breaks from work and walk around a little to ease the muscles. Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees to make yourself and the baby comfortable. Also, taking warm baths and dipping your feet in a basin of warm water will help you feel relaxed.