Pregnant mother at week 28

You are now 28 weeks pregnant (or in your 29th week if you are counting that way)

How your baby is growing

Welcome to the final trimester! Your baby’s eyes can now open and he will turn his head towards the source of any constant bright light. His finger nails are forming, and fat layers have started depositing below the skin as he gets ready for life beyond the womb. This is a good time to start bonding with your baby. You can try reading to the baby or even singing and interacting with him. Do not worry if you find talking to your stomach a little odd. It is not for everyone. Read more details about your baby’s development this week.

How your life is changing

The final trimester begins this week and lasts until the end of your maternity – generally week 40 or beyond. Most women gain an average of 5 kg during this period. Your antenatal visits will be more frequent from now on. However, if you feel you are feeling unwell or need to have a discussion with your doctor, do not wait for a scheduled visit.

You’re probably vacillating between two emotions: “I’ve been pregnant forever” and  “I’m not prepared for this”. Do not stress, you are not the only one feeling this way – it is a common feeling among females at this stage of pregnancy. Exchanging experiences with other women in your ante-natal class can be reassuring. If you haven’t joined any ante-natal classes, now is the time. Check out classes happening around you or you can book them with Ango Health. Speak to your doctor and arrange a visit to the hospital or clinic where you intend to give birth. This will give you an idea on what to expect.

It is common for your spouse to be confused about whether he will be allowed to be with you during labour. Reading about the various phases of labour is be a good beginning. Also, ask them to read about how they can help during labour to make the process easier for you. Make sure they know what to anticipate if things do not proceed in the right manner. Also, your baby may require help during delivery, so ask your partner to read about helped delivery and caesarean section.