Your body at week 30

Pregnant mother at week 30

You are now 30 weeks pregnant (or in your 31st week if that is how you count it)

How your baby is growing

From now on, your baby will gain weight quickly. His weight will now increase by about 200 gm per week for the next 2 months. Your baby’s gastrointestinal tract and lungs are almost mature now. He has probably had the opportunity to open his eyes for a while now and can see inside you. His eyesight is not very strong yet and even after he is born his eyes will be closed for most part of the day. New born babies generally have an eyesight of about 20/400 and can only see clearly up to a few inches from the face. Read more information about your baby’s development this week.

How your life’s changing

You’ve probably gained quite a bit this month – generally about 1.4-1.8 kg. Gaining 400 – 450 grams a week is fairly normal during the last 3 months. Your baby’s needs for nutrients are the greatest at this time. You may feel tired these days, especially if your sleep is disturbed. Your increasing dimensions do make you a little clumsier but its completely normal. Your ligaments are lax, your joints are looser and your centre of gravity has shifted adding to a feeling of imbalance. You may find yourself supporting your back while getting up and moving around.

Some women may find their feet size to have increased and may have to invest in new pairs. The mood swings you experienced during the first trimester might return during this period due to the general discomfort and the increased hormonal activity. If you are a first time mother, you might worry about labour and how you will handle being a parent. If you feel increasingly agitated, worried or anxious you must talk to your doctor about it.

This is a good time to quit smoking if you haven’t already done so. Your baby’s oxygen supply increases within days of kicking the butt. Studies have shown that babies have a greater risk of low birth weight and cot death (SIDS) if a parent or care provider smokes.

Getting a good night’s sleep becomes increasingly difficult during the final trimester. To increase your comfort try sleeping on your side using a pillow to support your belly and another between the knees.

This is also a good time to start looking for a good pediatrician. Take inputs from other women in your circle, family members and online forums if required.