Pregnant mother at week 32

You are now 32 weeks pregnant (or in your 33rd week if that is how you count it)

How your baby is growing

Your baby now tips the scales at close to 1.5 kg and is about 16-17 inches long. He is now practicing skills which will be required to survive outside the womb: breathing, swallowing, kicking, sucking etc. He now looks more and more like a new born. As fat deposits below the skin, he is no longer transparent. If your baby is a boy, his testicles have probably descended into the scrotum. Sometimes, one or both testicles don’t get into location until after birth but don’t worry. Testicles regularly correct themselves prior to the first birthday. Read additional information on your child’s growth this week.

How your life is changing

You’re likely gaining around 450 grams per week now, and approximately half of that goes right into your baby. Your baby will gain a third to half of his birth weight during the next 7 weeks. He now has fingernails, toenails and the hair make their first appearance. His skin is becoming soft and smooth with every passing week. This is a very important phase for the growth of your baby and you should follow a healthy diet during this time. Register now with us to receive a Free Pregnancy Diet Plan.

Do not worry about stretch marks during this time. Studies suggest that about 90% women get them, and they are a sign that your baby is growing well. It would be an interesting activity to keep a journal of your dreams during this period. While they may just be a manifestation of your thoughts, it will be a fun read for the years to come.

Sex during pregnancy is quite safe until your water breaks if you do not have any additional complications. You can keep enjoy having sex till you and your partner feel comfortable. Your baby will not be harmed by sex in any way. Sometimes you may feel that your baby becomes calm while you are having sex, maybe the rocking makes him fall asleep. However, there will also be days when all the action will make him active. Both the situations are quite common. In certain situations sexual activity might even help jump start labour, if the baby’s overdue.