Pregnant mother at week 34

You’re now 34 weeks pregnant (or in your 35th week if that’s how you count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby weighs at around 2 kg and measures about 18 inches from head to toe. In case you are worried about an early delivery, you should know that a vast majority of the babies healthy and survive without any major difficulties. Your baby’s lungs should be completely developed by now and handle breathing with little or no assistance. His fingernails must have reached the tips of his fingers by now and soon it’ll be time for his first manicure. Read additional information on the development this week of your baby.

How your life is changing

You may notice a tingling sensation or numbness in your pelvis – its the baby pushing at the nerves. As this sensation may not subside till delivery, it is advisable to attempt relaxation postures to alleviate the discomfort. The exercises that you have learned in your antenatal and yoga classes come in handy during this time.

Some women may experience blurry vision during this time. It can happen due to the same old pregnancy hormones which have been messing around. Along with this you may feel dryness and irritation in your eyes as tear production reduces. A small percentage of women also feel a change in their vision. Fortunately, all of these are temporary symptoms and things will return back to normal soon after delivery.

Planning ahead

The big day is just a month away. You might want to visit the clinic where you will be doing the delivery. Check with your physician about the requirements for the D-day. Make sure you have a means of transportation handy whenever the water breaks. It also helps to know about the admission procedure and any other formalities that may be required.

Have you prepared your hospital carry kit? Does your husband know about all the things you’ll require while you are admitted? Is he getting stressed? While we haven’t discussed this before, it would make sense for him to talk to his father for any advice that maybe useful. It is very important for your partner to remain calm and composed during the process. He will have to make all decisions in case there are any complications during delivery. You should discuss the various delivery options and other related information to avoid any confusion during labour.

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