Pregnant mother at week 35

You are now 35 weeks pregnant (or in your 36th week if that is how you count it)

How your baby is growing

Your baby is now about 18 inches tall and weighs up to 2.5 kg. You may notice that he does not do somersaults anymore as the space in the womb has reduced. However, you may notice that his kicking is continuing at a normal rate. Do continue to count the kicks everyday, as suggested by your doctor. His kidneys are fully developed no and his liver has begun functioning. If he is born at this time, he should b able to breathe with much external assistance. Your baby’s development is nearly complete and he will only be putting on more weight over the next few weeks until delivery. Read additional information about your baby’s development this week.

How your life is changing

It has been 245 days and you have probably gained between 12 to 14 kilograms. Your uterus has expanded to about 1000 times its original size. The good news is that going forward you will not see a lot of increase in your size and weight.

If your maternity leave has started, take the opportunity to take out more time for yourself. This is a good time to practice the breathing exercises you learned in the antenatal classes. They will come in handy during delivery. If you haven’t attended any classes, check out this simple meditation technique to help you.
Why not go for a pedicure while you’ve got time off! Do not worry if your hair is heavier and more shinier than normal – it is normal.

Your baby’s brains is developing rapidly! Trillions of connections are forming at an alarming rate in his tiny brain. He can listen to music, knows about his surroundings even though he will not remember it and even has dreams!

Fun Fact

The measurement in centimeters from the top of your uterus to the top of your pubic bone is roughly equal to the number of weeks of pregnancy. This is an easy way to remember how far along you are, though we doubt you’d ever forget that.