Pregnant mother at week 37

Hey, you’re now 37 weeks pregnant (or in your 38th week if that’s how you choose to count it).

How your baby is growing

This week, most of the downy layer of lanugo is shed. The vernix caseosa – the cheese like layer that covers your baby in the womb and shields her growing skin – starts to disappear. In certain cases, some of it may be present at birth. Your baby swallows both of them and these form part of the first poop after birth called meconium.

Your due date is very near now, but according to medical terminology, doctors don’t consider the baby to be “full term” until 39 weeks. Spending the next two weeks in your womb allows your baby’s brain and lungs to fully mature. So if you’re planning to have a c-section, your doctor will schedule it for no earlier than 39 weeks unless there’s a medical reason to intervene earlier.

Read more information about the development of your baby this week.

How your life is changing

The next few days/weeks are going to be a waiting game. Make sure you take time time to eat well and get plenty of rest. Things will get hectic once the baby arrives. Having late pregnancy blues? Wondering what your baby will be like? Hold your horses and give it some time. Your baby will will be with you really soon.

You know, your scent is one of the first thing your baby remembers and probably one of his favourite things when he is born!

Be prepared

Are you really certain you have packed everything you want if you are having a hospital birth? Take a peek at the hospital packing check list, or ask them if you don’t have it yet. It is recommended to sort out the clothes you want your baby to wear after birth and for the trip home. Don’t neglect your own “heading home” wear – you will want something loose-fitting such as drawstring slacks or a stretchy dress as you will still have a little bit of a bulge after the birth.

Have you prepared the baby’s room? Have you an your spouse already bought the first set of clothes for the baby? Excited to know if its a girl or a boy! Just like your doctor would say, anytime now.