Your body at week 4

week 4 pregnant mother

You’re now four weeks pregnant (or in your fifth week, if you choose to count it that way).

How your baby is growing

The next five weeks are particularly vital to the growth of your baby. The vestigial placenta and umbilical-cord, which deliver nutrition and oxygen to the baby, are already operating. To find out more on the growth of your baby this week, read more.

How your life is changing

This might be the first moment you have an inkling that you are pregnant, if your baby was not planned. Do not worry: our pregnancy resource centre has all the advice you need to get your maternity on track. If your pregnancy test was inconclusive or negative but your period has still not arrived, it can be repeated by you today. You can get your tests done on Ango, in the convenience of your home or office.

In reality, it really is a fantastic idea to start a workout routine now. Workout can help you develop stamina, strength and good muscles, all at once. It helps you handle the extra fat you’ll wear (or prevent you putting too significantly more on if you’re already overweight), gets you fit for work, and makes getting your body right back after arrival simpler too. Choose a safe activity you like: jogging and swimming are fine when you’re pregnant.

You might also want to do some yoga stretches that are easy. Have a look at our fitness & yoga module. You can join special categories accommodated for women that are pregnant. Always make sure the yoga teachers who educate you happen to be qualified to advise pregnant girls and, if it is not a class specially for pregnant women, allow the instructor know that you will be pregnant. Understand your limits and make sure it isn’t overdone by you should you be new to exercise. Read more about fitness and yoga here.