Pregnant mother at week 40

Hey mom, welcome to the 40th week of pregnancy!

How your baby is growing

Your newborn baby spends much of her first week of life outside the uterus getting familiar with her new surroundings. After nine months inside, so much light and noise are very new to her. Therefore, she likes being wrapped tightly in a blanket while making the adjustment. For some time, her legs and arms may appear fairly short. But once she gets used to using so much area to stretch her limbs, they’ll align accordingly.

Your newborn’s eyesight is fairly blurry at this stage. She can only see clearly till about 45 cm/18 inches. Therefore always be close to her face as seeing your face is her favourite thing. This is the time she’ll be observing you, memorising your features and learning to identify your sounds.

Your baby’s interest span isn’t very long yet. Getting used to the world outside will probably be enough excitement for another several days. However, to introduce him to other things and divert his attention, you may hang a simple black-while contoured toy for him to look at.

How your life is changing

Truth sets in – there is a baby! She is all yours; she is dependent on you for eating, care, and love, and she is living with you. You will receive plenty of information and advice on what to do and what not to do! Every visitor will bring a new piece of information. Do not let yourself be overwhelmed, just take this time to soak in the moment. Your newborn is more durable than you may believe, and she is getting used to you as much as you and her father are becoming used to her.

Talking of development, newborns want to be fed as often as once every three hours. Do you have to refresh your recollection of how you can begin on breast feeding? Your milk won’t come in until several days after the birth. You must remember that your baby has a really tiny tummy and it fills quite fast. Do not worry if you think you are not making enough milk for your baby. It takes some time for your own body to produce milk that is mature, and perfect for the needs of your baby.