Your body at week 6

Pregnant mother at 6 weeks

You are six weeks pregnant (or in your seventh week if that’s how you prefer to look at it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby is around the size of a lentil by the end of the week. The baby’s nostrils and eyes are beginning to develop. The heart is beating at about 150 beats per minute (nearly twice the heart rate of an adult) and has broken up into the left and right chambers. Read more information on the growth of your baby during week 6.

How your life is changing

The outside world won’t see any signs of the dramatic developments taking place inside your body. Tiredness and vomiting can cause you to feel a little unwell during this period. If you have not informed your partner about the pregnancy, this would be an ideal time. Involving your partner in the pregnancy, will help you plan your pregnancy better. Having your partner by your side will also help you deal with the early signs of pregnancy effectively. See your physician if you cannot keep down anything you eat or if sickness is making your life tough. Distract yourself by reading about what type of birth and ante natal care you would like to have. Read here about the blood tests conducted during your initial screening after your pregnancy is confirmed.

You may have a disturbed sleep during this period as your body is adjusting to the changes. While the sleepless nights start once the baby arrives, some women find their sleep is disrupted from the start of pregnancy. This is generally the caused by your expanding uterus putting pressure on your kidney necessitating multiple trips to the toilet. Or possibly sore breasts preventing you from getting comfortable, or you waking up in middle of the night for a feast.

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