Your body at week 7

Pregnant mother at week 7

How your baby is growing

As it has the remains of a little tail that will vanish in the next few months, theoretically your baby continues to be an embryo. The hands now flex at the elbows, and the heart and brain are becoming more complex, the eyelid folds are building and the point of the nose is present. Read extra information on your child’s growth this week.

How your life is changing

You may perhaps not look the part but your womb is expanding to accommodate your growing baby. Before pregnancy it was the size of a chick pea; now it is as large as a clenched fist. You may feel some abdominal cramps and mild twinges as the baby grows.

During pregnancy, several women feel like they are on a psychological whirlwind. One minute you are excited to be pregnant and break into tears the next at the prospect of being a parent. The daftest things can put you off; your husband, colleagues and family should be aware that it is usual to have mood shifts at this stage. A mix of stresses about pregnancy and parenthood, and surging hormones may also result in graphic dreams or sleeplessness. Try and relax and just take time to unwind — it’ll be good exercise future. Emotional ups and downs can continue during your pregnancy and well after your child is born.

Many pregnancies which end in miscarriage wont proceed much beyond this period: the first sign is usually vaginal bleeding. This can be an emotional time especially when you have gotten used to the thought that you are expectant. The physical aspects can be dealt with by your doctor but talking it over with you husband will provide emotional support. Read about the experience of other women on discussion forums. You’ll be surprised how many have gone through the same experience.