Your body at week 8

Pregnant mother at week 8

You are now eight weeks pregnant (or in your ninth week if that’s how you would rather count it).

How your baby is growing

The small tail is vanishing and so many other changes are taking place, that the baby has transformed from an embryo and has formally become a foetus. This really is the critical stage when your baby’s organs are developing. Read additional information on your own baby’s development this week here.

The infant is now always moving and changing positions, though you won’t be able to sense it for weeks. The arms have grown and the palms are bent at the wrists and cross each other over the heart. The legs are widening and the feet might be long enough to appear proportional ot the body. It is nonetheless practically impossible to tell whether you’re going to have a boy or a girl. Like they say, the best way to determine the sex of the baby is childbirth.

How your life is changing

Parts of you are growing, like your breasts, though you are not likely to have acquired much weight. Don’t be surprised if you grow a cup size or two during the term of pregnancy. The additional demands on your blood circulation can make you prone to spider veins and piles. You may find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep due to the frequent need for urination. This can add to the sluggishness and fatigue caused by the hormonal changes.

Have you decided on your holiday plans yet? Having a baby might change your choice of destination. Before you determine where to take your holiday you need to take into consideration your mode of travel and the required vaccinations. Consult with your doctor before making any plans and keep a medicine kit handy for any possible contingencies.