Your body at week 9

You’re now nine weeks pregnant (or in your tenth week if this’s how you prefer to count it).

How your baby is growing

Your baby weighs under 10 g, a fraction of an ounce and is poised for rapid growth. The various body parts are developing, hands, thighs, eyes, genitals, and internal organs although they are not fully formed yet. Read more about your baby’s growth this week here.

How your life is changing

You may feel sick and very exhausted during the day and not necessarily in the mornings. This is because of the pregnancy hormones playing havoc in your body. Many women suffer from headaches that are debilitating, back problems such as sciatica and, sadly, these hormones also help make the perfect surroundings for vaginal thrush.

Following a fitness regime to stay active will mean a more healthy pregnancy as well as a faster recovery after the delivery. However, do not over do it and make certain you select a safe exercise plan approved by your doctor. Most doctors recommend yoga exercises after the first 3 months. Register on Ango Health to receive a free pregnancy fitness and yoga plan made by Ango fitness professionals.

Developing habits which are good for the baby will go a long way. Everything from selecting the right diet plan, getting pregnancy related information from credible sources, following a fitness schedule to making sure you sit in the right posture which helps the baby get into the right position for childbirth; will be important as your pregnancy progresses.

Pregnancy Tip

Create a routine of bonding with the baby. Set aside sometime everyday for connecting with the little bundle of joy. Early morning just after waking up and before going to sleep works for most mothers-to-be. Breathe gently, keep your hand on your tummy and focus on your baby. As the pregnancy progresses you can introduce your baby to sift music, read a story or even sing once in a while. This will not only allow you to connect with the baby but also help the baby remember your voice.